Frequently Asked Questions

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The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 - 15th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119 approximately 1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge. View our Hours, Location & Contacts.

All dogs, cats, potbellied pigs and miniature goats are required to be licensed. View more information about licenses.

Yes. All animals (except cats and pigeons) are required to be on leash within the City of Seattle. Animals may not run loose anywhere in Seattle except for designated off-leash areas. While cats are not required to be on leash, it is unlawful for cats to be a nuisance, create a sanitation problem or damage public or private property.  Visit Animal Control for more information.

Call Seattle Animal Shelter immediately at (206) 386-PETS (7387) or learn more about Animal Control.

Visit our Animal Control page for additional information about unreasonable animal noise.

Visit our Seattle Municipal Code page to review the laws.  Also, check Animal Control page for more information.

The Washington State Department of Wildlife handles reports of nuisance wildlife.  Visit our Wildlife page for helpful information. 

The Seattle Animal Shelter can accept all surrendered pets from within the city.  Visit our Surrender Your Pet page for more information.  Or find another shelter in your area.

Visit our Adoption section to learn more and see pets available for adoption.

Yes. The Seattle Animal Shelter is available to make a limited number of presentations based upon staff availability. Please call (206) 386-PETS (7387) to arrange for a presentation.

The Seattle Animal Shelter adopts out all adoptable animals to new homes regardless of breed or feral nature. There are no time or space limits for animals in the shelter's care. We regularly adopt out, reunite with family or send to rescue more than 90 percent* of the pets that come through our doors. Pets that are determined to be a health or safety risk to humans or other pets will not be placed for adoption. Additionally, pets that are unable to be helped by reasonable veterinary care may also not be placed for adoption.

While the Seattle Animal Shelter does not consider itself a "no kill" shelter, our save rate falls within the recommendation of the "No Kill Nation" advocacy organization.

*"Save rate" calculation from 2019 is 93.8%. Calculation excludes owner-requested euthanasia of terminally ill animals.

We are happy to adopt an animal to you regardless of residence. We also accept surrendered animals from outside the city on a space-available basis. If you are contacting us to file a report, we cannot accept calls or complaints for outside the city limits of Seattle. Please check our listing of other shelters to find the animal control agency in your area.