Pet Food Bank

Appointments are no longer required for the Pet Food Bank at Seattle Animal Shelter. We have cat and dog food available (brands and flavors vary, we can not dispense prescription food). You can come at either of the following times each month, when volunteers are available to assist you:

The first Saturday of the month, 10am to noon

  • 8/6/22
  • 9/3/22
  • 10/1/22
  • 11/5/22
  • 12/3/22

The third Wednesday of the month, 10am to noon

  • 7/20/22
  • 8/17/22
  • 9/21/22
  • 10/19/22
  • 11/16/22
  • 12/21/22

For other pet food distribution locations throughout Seattle and King County, please see the Regional Animal Services of King County website:

If you are unable to go to one of these locations to pick up pet food, need food for other types of animals, or special diets, please contact Seattle Humane about other options: