2011 Adopted & 2012 Endorsed Budget

Download the 2011 Adopted and 2012 Endorsed Budget

Budget Title Page, Credits, Table of Contents



Seattle City Light, p. VI-1

Reader’s Guide & City Organizational Chart,  p. I-1

Seattle Transportation, p. VI-27

Adopted Budget Overview, p. I-5

Seattle Streetcar, p. VI-83

Proposed Budget Overview, p.I-11 Seattle Public Utilities, p. VI-89
Summary Tables, p. I-33
General Subfund Revenue Overview, p. I-37


Selected Financial Policies, p. I-63

Cable Television Franchise Subfund, p. VII-1

Budget Process, p. I-65 Office of the City Auditor, p. VII-7
City Budget Office, p. VII-11


Seattle Office for Civil Rights, p. VII-15

2008 Parks Levy, p. II-1

Civil Service Commission, p. VII-21
Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, p. II-7 Employees’ Retirement System, p. VII-25
The Seattle Public Library, p. II-23 Ethics and Elections Commission, p. VII-29
Department of Parks and Recreation, p. II-43 Department of Executive Administration, p. VII-33
Seattle Center, p. II-75 Department of Finance and Administrative Services, p. VII-41
Finance General, p. VII-79


Fleets and Facilities Department, p. VII-85

Educational & Developmental Services Levy, p. III-1

Office of Hearing Examiner, p. VII-97

Human Services Department, p. III-17 Department of Information Technology, p. VII-101
Office of Intergovernmental Relations, p. VII-131


Legislative Department, p. VII-135
Office of Economic Development, p. IV-1 Office of the Mayor, p. VII-143

Office of Housing, p.IV -13    

Personnel Department, p. VII-147
Neighborhood Matching Subfund, p. IV-29 Personnel Compensation Trust Funds, p. VII-161
Department of Neighborhoods, p. IV-37 Office of Sustainability and Environment, p. VII-177
Pike Place Market Levy, p. IV-55
Department of Planning and Development, p. IV-63



General Subfund, p. VIII-1

Criminal Justice Contracted Services, p. V-1

Fiscal Reserves, p. VIII-7

Seattle Fire Department, p.V-5

Judgment/Claims Subfund, p. VIII-15

Fire Facilities Levy Fund, p. V-29

Parking Garage Operations Fund, p. VIII-21

Firefighters Pension, p. V-33

Cumulative Reserve Subfund, p. VIII-27

Law Department, p. V-39

Debt Service, p. VIII-51

Seattle Municipal Court, p. V-47
Municipal Jail Subfund, p.V-55


Seattle Police Department, p. V-59

Position Modifications, p. IX-1

Police Relief and Pension, p. V-85

Cost Allocation, p. IX-11

Public Safety Civil Service Commission, p. V-91

Glossary, p. IX-21

Statistics, p. IX-25

Budget Office

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