Reporting discarded needles, syringes and other sharps

What to do with needles, syringes and other sharps

Needles, syringes and other sharps are considered hazardous material and require proper disposal. If you use sharps and need information on how to properly dispose of your used sharps, Seattle Public Utilities offers guidance.

If you find discarded needles, syringes and other sharps in Seattle city limits, you can report it to the City. If you are unsure if it is on public or private property, or if you know it is on private property, call the Customer Service Bureau, (206) 684-2489 (CITY), for advice.

If you know it is on public property, see the following resources for reporting:

  • Seattle Parks and Recreation Property
    To report disposed sharps located on the grounds of a City of Seattle park or other Seattle Parks and Recreation property, such as community centers, pools, tennis centers, etc., contact the Parks Maintenance Request Line at (206) 684-7250.

  • Other Public Property
    Other public property includes libraries, Seattle City Light substations, City maintenance facilities and public rights of way, including sidewalks, parking strip medians, street furniture and storm drains. During regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., contact the SPU Illegal Dumping Hotline, (206) 684-7587, to request pickup. After hours and on weekends, reports can still be made to the Illegal Dumping Hotline, but calls will only be answered during regular business hours.

If you come across discarded sharps and choose to address the issue yourself, see the Public Health - Seattle & King County website for instructions on safe handling:

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