Reports, Authorizing Legislation, and Policies

Authorizing Legislation and Forecast Office Policies

Legislation Creating the Office of Economic and Revenue Forecasts

Forecast Council By-Laws

Policy for Sharing Forecast Office Research Between the Legisative and Executive Branches

Quarterly Revenue Reports

After the financial close of each quarter, the Office of Economic and Revenue Forecasts will produce a report that compares how actual revenue collections compare to what would be anticipated if the forecasted annual totals were remitted at the same pace as they have been in recent years.  These reports will be available approximately two weeks after the end of the quarter.  


2023 Q3 Report

2023 Q2 Report

2023 Q1 Report


2022 Q4 Report (2022 Year-end Revenues)

2022 Q3 Report

2022 Q2 Report

2022 Q1 Report


2021 Q4 Report (2021 Year-end Revenues)