Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy

About the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise (FEPP) Levy

The Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy is a seven-year, $619 million-dollar investment in Seattle's youth approved by voters in November 2018. Under the FEPP Levy, the City's Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) partners with families and communities to achieve educational equity, close opportunity gaps, and build a better future for Seattle students by investing in the following:  

  • High-quality early learning opportunities that prepare children for success in kindergarten
  • College and job readiness experiences that promote on-time high-school graduation
  • Physical and mental health services that support learning
  • Post-secondary opportunities that promote attainment of a certificate, credential, or degree

The FEPP levy's intended outcome is that students in historically underserved groups, including African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, underserved Asian populations, other students of color, refugee and immigrant, homeless, English language learners, and LGBTQ students, are achieving academically across the preschool to post-secondary continuum. 

The FEPP Levy Implementation and Evaluation Plan provides additional information about the levy and its goals, outcomes, theory of change, and investment areas. 

Preschool and Early Learning

Preschool and Early LearningResearch is clear that children who engage in high-quality early learning opportunities are better prepared for success in kindergarten and throughout their education experience. The Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) provides all Seattle children with access to evidence-based, high-quality, culturally responsive and equitable preschool services that improve readiness for school and support subsequent academic achievement while eliminating race-based disproportionalities in kindergarten readiness.

The FEPP Levy also funds the following Preschool & Early Learning investments:   

  • Child care subsidies to families enrolled in SPP to ensure full-day care.   
  • Comprehensive supports for SPP providers, including behavioral and developmental training.
  • Family Child Care (FCC) Mentorship to increase the number of licensed family child care homes in Seattle. 

To learn more about the Seattle Preschool Program, visit the SPP page.

To apply to SPP or see a list of SPP providers, visit seattle.gov/applySPP.  

K-12 School and Community

K-12 School and CommunityOur K-12 school and community-based investments focus on providing children and youth with academic and non-academic supports throughout their K-12 journey to promote on-time high-school graduation and college and career readiness.  

K-12 School and Community-Based Investments include:

Visit the pages linked above for more information on FEPP Levy K-12 School and Community Investments. 

K-12 School Health

K-12 School HealthK-12 School Health investments provide students with increased access to medical and mental health care, and promote the early intervention, prevention, and treatment of health-related barriers to learning.

Investments in School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) integrate medical and mental health, nursing, and oral health services, and promote school attendance and improved academic performance. Currently, 29 Seattle Public Schools (SPS) have an SBHC on site, and services are available to all SPS students. 

Seattle Promise

The Seattle Promise program provides Seattle students with the opportunity to access a postsecondary education and offers them the supports needed to earn their certificate, credential, or degree, resulting in more Seattle youth being prepared to engage in our region's job market and earn a living wage. 

Eligibility for the Seattle Promise program includes graduating seniors from all 17 comprehensive high schools in the Seattle School District.

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