Investing in Family Child Care

Family Child Care is generally defined as licensed child care for mixed-age children and youth (0-12) provided by individuals operating in residential homes and is a crucial part of the Seattle early learning landscape. The Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) recognizes that the types of support FCC providers need are unique compared to other early learning enterprises in the City, and is committed to co-developing a strategy with FCC providers that will:

  • Provide support that meets the unique needs of FCC providers
  • Ensure long-term sustainability for FCCs in the Seattle early learning landscape
  • Integrate and align the City's FCC investments with its overall early learning approach

DEEL funds a number of initiatives in family child care. Bookmark this page to stay updated on information and news related to our involvement in family child care.

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Family Child Care Advisory Council

SPP FCC Pilot, Parent-Child Home Program FCC Pilot and CCAP program

Family Child Care Study

Family Child Care Advisory Council

DEEL is excited to announce the formation of a 2019 Family Child Care Advisory Council (FCCAC). This will be the second year for the Council. In the first year, the FCCAC engaged in reviewing DEEL FCC initiatives and making strategic recommendations for the City to consider. The FCCAC, which consists primarily of active family child care providers, convenes to engage three primary activities:

  1. Network with other family child care providers and stakeholders engaged in working with FCCs.
  2. Advise the City of Seattle on new or existing programs and initiatives that work with FCCs.
  3. Provide opportunities for collective action and advocacy for issues like professional development and business sustainability.

To apply for consideration for the Council, please complete this form: English, Amharic, Arabic, French, Oromo, Chinese, Somali, Spanish and return to Cameron Clark at

SPP FCC Pilot, Parent-Child Home Program FCC Pilot and CCAP program

  • SPP Family Child Care (Pilot): A two-year pilot initiative to facilitate the participation of FCCs in the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) through a Hub-Network structure.
  • PCHP Family Child Care (Pilot): An adaptation of the evidence-based Parent-Child Home Program that will support FCCs in implementing PCHP strategies.
  • FCC HighScope Trainings: A 30-week training series for FCC owners/operators to build their proficiency in the HighScope curriculum.
  • FCC Participation in CCAP: FCCs participate in our Comprehensive Child Care Program (CCCP) and are eligible to accept City subsidy vouchers and receive City supports.

FCC Advisory Council & FCC Study

Family Child Care Study

In 2018, DEEL partnered with Dovetailing Consulting and Kaizen Consulting to conduct a landscape analysis and set of strategic recommendations for the City.

The study worked closely with our Family Child Care Advisory Council (FCCAC) to conduct and implement the study. The FCCAC intends to use the study to shape their agenda for 2019.

FCC Landscape Analysis

FCC Strategy Options

For questions on Family Child Care, please contact Cameron Clark at or (206) 684-5734.

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