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DEEL's team of Early Learning Coaches has developed these engaging educational activities to support family-directed learning in the home, with easy tips and developmentally appropriate strategies.

Weekly Home Learning Activities

  Father Son Learning at Home                 

Week 1: Exploring Math in Everyday Activities

Learn how to incorporate math into your child's daily activities, including meal times, outdoor play, and household chores.
Mother Daughter Outdoor Play

Week 2: Exploring Our Communities

Give your child an understanding and appreciation for the places, people, and environment around them.
Father Daughter in the Kitchen

Week 3: Exploring Family

Develop your child's cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills while deepening your family's connections with these fun and simple activities. 
Preschooler learning at home on the floor

Week 4: Literacy, Language, and Art

These fun and simple activities will increase your child's creativity and cognitive development, using supplies you likely have at home.
Child with Magnifying Glass Outside

Week 5: Science, Math, and More!

This week's activities will help your child learn patterns, strengthen counting skills, go on a scavenger hunt, and more!
Group of Preschool Children Smiling

Week 6: Social-Emotional Learning - Tips & Strategies

Help your child learn how to practice mindfulness, build self-esteem by contributing to group efforts, and find ways to stay connected with others.

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