Fallen Firefighter Memorial

Although inspired by the four firefighters who died in the line of duty while fighting a warehouse fire in Seattle's Chinatown International District on January 5, 1995, the Fallen Firefighter's Memorial is a respectful tribute to all Seattle firefighters that have died in the line of duty since the department began in 1889.

The four bronze statues that comprise the memorial have permanent residence in Occidental Park,  adjacent to Seattle Fire Department headquarters in downtown's Pioneer Square district.

Hai Ying Wu, an internationally recognized artist from the University of Washington School of Arts, worked with a team of firefighters to design the life-sized figures and sculpt them.

Wu intentionally designed the figures with masked faces noting that they "could be any of the thousands of firefighters who have donned the uniform of the Seattle Fire Department."

Surrounding the figures are slabs of granite intended to depict a collapsed building. Wu inscribed his own words into one of the slabs describing the memorial as "represented realistically yet with exaggerated gestures to emphasize the intensity of the battle in which they are engaged."

The Seattle Fallen Fighters Memorial is a reminder to ourselves and people everywhere, that the members of our firefighting family who have lost their lives protecting the lives and property of others are not, and will not, ever be forgotten.

Herman Larson, 1891

Engineer Charles E. Brabon, 1899

Victor Manhart, 1905

Captain J.N. Longfellow, 1910

Patrick Cooper, 1914

Battalion Chief Fred G. Gilham, 1917

Ole G. Rust, 1917

Peter Coghlan, 1919

Charles F. Lacasse, 1920

Battalion Chief William J. Carr, 1921

Leo Hertel, 1922

Captain Horace E. Roberts, 1923

William E. Shuberg, 1924

Cecil McKenzie, 1925

Darwin T. Lund, 1927

Charles E. Wheeler, 1928

Wilho Koski, 1929

Captain Albert S. Wolpert, 1937

Luther D. Bonner, 1943

Theodore R. Cousland, 1938

Battalion Chief Oscar H. Ebbinghouse, 1939

Captain Andrew G. Beattie, 1945

Fred O. Larson, 1947

Jack W. McGee, 1949

Glen S. Murphy, 1949

James Willey, 1957

John F. Herron, 1964

Captain Harold W. Webb, 1966

Henry C. Gronnerud, 1968

Gerald Miller, 1976

Mary R. Mathews, 1984

Robert D. Earhart, 1987

Lieutenant Mathew W. Johnson, 1989

Lisa J. Long, 1983

Donald L. Perry, 1991

Lieutenant Walter D. Kilgore, 1995

James T. Brown, 1995

Lieutenant Gregory A. Shoemaker, 1995

Randall R. Terlicker, 1995

Gary V. Medica, 1996

Deputy Chief Gerald N. Moberg, 2004

Nathaniel Ford, 2005

James S. Bernard, 2005

Timothy J. Heelan, 2008

Battalion Chief James H. Scragg, 2008

Battalion Chief David H. Jacobs, Jr., 2009

Stephen Lohr, 2009

Deputy Chief Jesse F. Youngs, 2010

Jeffrey Birt, 2011

Jess Hernandez, 2013

Keith I. Johnson, 2014

Wallace F. Goulet, 2014

Joshua Milton, 2015

Tristan Smith, 2016

Scott Steed, 2016

Captain Craig Aman, 2016

Marvin Larry, 2018 

Lieutenant Jay G. Wheeler, 2020

Lieutenant Willy Cababat, 2021

Lieutenant Luis I. Batayola, 2021

Matthew T. Runte, 2021

Michele J. Williams, 2022

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