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Health One is the Seattle Fire Department's Mobile Integrated Health response unit. Launched in 2019, it is designed to respond to individuals immediately in their moment of need and help them navigate the situation - whether they need medical care, mental health care, shelter or other social services. Health One is a multidisciplinary team, with firefighters and case managers each bringing unique skills and approaches to the scene. The goal of the Health One program is to reduce the impact of non-emergent calls on Seattle Fire's Operations Division, and to better connect individuals in need with appropriate care and services. 

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What is the Health One Program?  
Health One is an alternative response vehicle staffed by SFD firefighters and case managers from the Seattle Human Services Department. It provides specialized outreach, transport, and referrals to callers experiencing non-emergency medical complaints, behavioral health crises, as well as frequent callers and those with social service needs. Health One partners with providers throughout the city who offer healthcare, behavioral health services, homeless services, and more. 

Why does Health One staff its unit with firefighters and case managers?  
This staffing model allows our unit to cover a very wide range of responses. Firefighters are equipped to handle medical complaints - both low and high acuity - and bring with them SFD's reputation for fast, effective, and compassionate service to anyone in need. Our case managers are social work experts and skilled system navigators. They connect our clients with a wide array of services and providers. On the scene, the case managers bring de-escalation skills and approach the patient interview with a trauma-informed lens.  

When and where does Health One operate? 
Health One primarily serves Pioneer Square, the downtown core, Belltown, Capitol Hill, South Seattle, the University District and Ballard, but can respond at its discretion anywhere in Seattle. The units operate Monday-Friday during the day and early evening hours. Health One units are quartered in Pioneer Square, Belltown, and Mt. Baker. 

What gear and equipment does Health One use?  
Health One operates heavy-duty SUVs and crew-cab pickup trucks capable of all-weather operation. The vehicles can hold up to five individuals, including one client. On board, we carry a full set of EMS medical equipment and communications tools. The units are additionally equipped with outreach supplies including food, beverages, and clothing. 

How does Health One make contact with patients?  
Health One arrives on the scene in several ways. Units can be directly dispatched by the SFD Fire Alarm Center or requested by SFD operations units already on a scene. In addition, Health One performs proactive outreach to known clients as well as to newly referred individuals. 

Can a resident or business request Health One directly?  
No. Due to our limited capacity, requests must originate with the 9-1-1 system. See the MIH Main Page for telephone and internet resources.  

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