Staff Contacts

General Inquiries

Phone: (206) 684-0464
Fax: (206) 233-5142

Street Address:
Seattle City Hall
600 4th Avenue 
4th Floor Seattle, WA 98104

Mailing Address:
PO Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649

Office of the Director

Jenifer Chao
(206) 615-1723
Email Jenifer

Sam Read
Deputy Director
(206) 727-8808
Email Sam

Iona McKenzie
Chief Executive Administrator
(206) 550-4748
Email Iona

Maribel Stephens
Administrative Specialist


Edward Lee
Communications Director
(206) 773-3540
Email Edward

Cate Oliver
Sr Public Relations Specialist
(206) 247-1321
Email Cate

Susie Philipsen
Sr. Public Relations Specialist
(206) 775-6433
Email Susie

Internal Operations

Jeanne Murphy
Facility/Office Coordinator
(206) 684-0176
Email Jeanne

Carol Rozumalski
Strategic Operations Advisor
(206) 615-1308
Email Carol


Grace Dygico
Finance Division Director
(206) 684-0466
Email Grace

Elenor Hense
Sr Finance Analyst
(206) 615-0041
Email Elenor

Anna Tang
(206) 684-8846
Email Anna

Cindy Bucoy
Accounts Payable
(206) 684-5760
Email Cindy

Jenn Brandon
Data and Impact Advisor
(206) 684-4959
Email Jenn

Community Investments

Melia Brooks
Community Investments Division Director
(206) 733-9587
Email Melia

Historic Preservation

Sarah Sodt
City Historic Preservation Officer, Supervisor & Landmarks Preservation Board Coordinator
(206) 615-1786
Email Sarah

Melinda Bloom
Administrative Specialist
(206) 684-0228
Email Melinda

Michael de Lange
Coordinator for Section 106 and SEPA
(206) 733-9064
Email Michael

Erin Doherty
Landmarks Preservation Board Coordinator & Sand Point District Coordinator
(206) 684-0380
Email Erin

Rebecca Frestedt
International Special Review District & Columbia City Landmark District Coordinator
(206) 684-0226
Email Rebecca

Minh Chau Le
Pike Place Market Historical District & Ballard Avenue Landmark District Coordinator
(206) 684-0229
Email Minh

Genna Nashem
Pioneer Square Preservation District, Harvard Belmont District & Fort Lawton Historic District Coordinator
(206) 684-0227
Email Genna

Major Institutions and Schools

Nelson Pesigan
Committee Coordinator and Early Community Outreach for Design Review
(206) 684-0209
Email Nelson

Dipti Garg
Major Institutions and Schools Coordinator
(206) 718-9232
Email Dipti

P-Patch Community Gardening Program

P-Patch General Information
(206) 684-0264
Email P-Patch General Info

Kenya Fredie
P-Patch Community Garden Supervisor
(206) 733-9243
Email Kenya

Nate Moxley
Community Garden Coordinator
(206) 256-6202
Email Nate

Bunly Yun
Community Garden Coordinator
(206) 684-8495
Email Bunly

Alicia Choi
Community Garden Coordinator
(206) 376-2539
Email Alicia

Navera Ahmed
Community Garden Coordinator
(206) 450-9985
Email Navera

Elise Evans
Community Garden Coordinator
(206) 459-1722
Email Elise

Community Innovations

Donna Hartmann-Miller
Administrative Specialist
(206) 684-5312
Email Donna

Jaylen Antoine
Mayor’s Office Fellow
(206) 684-7933
Email Jaylen

Khatsini Simani
Generational Wealth Strategic Advisor
(206) 733-9483
Email Khatsini

Sokha Danh
Chinatown International District (CID) Community Capacity Advisor
(206) 684-5306
Email Sokha

Community Partnerships

Daniel Sims
Community Partnerships Division Director
(206) 256-5947
Email Daniel

Rita Santiago
Administrative Specialist
Email Rita

Community Liaisons

Kristian Alcaide
Strategic Partnerships Manager
(206) 276-9903
Email Kristian

Aislinn Hillmon
Community Liaisons Program Assistant
Email Aislinn

Francesca Abellera
Community Liaisons Project Manager
(206) 681-7861
Email Francesca

Stanley Tsao
Community Liaisons Program Advisor  
(206) 233-0070 
Email Stanley 

Lillian Young
Community Liaisons Project Manager
(206) 684-4206
Email Lillian

Equity and Engagement Advisors

Kristian Alcaide
Strategic Partnerships Manager
(206) 276-9903
Email Kristian

Samantha Stork
Equity and Engagement Advisor
(206) 615-0856
Email Samantha

Phyllis Porter
Equity and Engagement Advisor
(206) 256-6204
Email Phyllis

Angela Rae
Equity and Engagement Advisor
(206) 256-5970 
Email Angela

Danielle Friedman
Equity and Engagement Advisor
(206) 615-0854
Email Danielle

Community Engagement Coordinators

Laura Jenkins
Central Community Engagement Coordinator
(206) 684-0320
Email Laura

Sonny Nguyen
North Community Engagement Coordinator
(206) 445-9895
Email Sonny

Rosa Garcia
West Seattle / South Park Community Engagement Coordinator
(206) 947-4855
Email Rose

Alvin Edwards
Southeast Community Engagement Coordinator
(206) 681-7963
Email Alvin

Civic Engagement

Lydia Faitalia
Civic Engagement Manager
(206) 615-0313
Email Lydia

Francesca Murnan 
Indigenous Advisory Council Liaison
(206) 684-5148
Email Francesca

Community Grants

Myriam Leon Fernandez
Administrative Specialist
(206) 684-4058
Email Myriam 

Yun Pitre
Project Manager, Neighborhood Matching Fund
(206) 386-1924
Email Yun

Juan Martinez
Project Manager, Neighborhood Matching Fund
(206) 733-9259
Email Juan

Sharon Star
Financial Analyst, Neighborhood Matching Fund
(206) 615-1600
Email Sharon

Karen Selander
Project Manager, Neighborhood Matching Fund
(206) 733-9256
Email Karen

Lisa Chen
Food Equity Fund Supervisor
(206) 233-7838
Email Lisa

Allynn Ruth
Project Manager, Food Equity Fund
(206) 684-0301
Email Allynn

Lorna Velasco
Project Manager, Food Equity Fund
(206) 437-5689
Email Lorna

Lisa Uemoto ( 上本棋巖 ) 
Project Manager, Food Equity Fund
(206) 233-7112
Email Lisa

Neighborhood Matching Fund General Information
(206) 233-0093

Food Equity Fund General Information
(206) 727-FOOD (3663)


Jenifer Chao, Director
Address: 600 4th Avenue, 4th Floor, Seattle, WA , 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94649, Seattle, WA, 98124-4649
Phone: (206) 684-0464
Fax: (206) 233-5142

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