Seasonal Food Truck, Activities, and Fitness Concessions

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) seeks unique and interesting business collaborations that promote and enhance parks through a shared commitment to healthy people, thriving environment and vibrant community.  Opportunities vary, with some sites appropriate for kiosks, carts, and food trucks. Most locations do not have storage or electricity available.  Small businesses, and Women and/or Minority Businesses (WMBE) are encouraged to submit proposals.  Before submitting your request, review the FAQ, site descriptions, and visit the park location.   

Seasonal Food/Non-Food Concessions 2024

Concession permits are awarded through a competitive evaluation process called the Request for Proposal (RFP).  RFP proposals were due to SPR no later than 3 pm on February 6, 2024.  Once all permits have been completed, a list of permitted vendors will be included on the sidebar.  

An updated list of available park locations for concessions will be posted once the Request for Proposal (RFP) has been completed.  If you did not apply prior to the deadline, but are still interested, email Please include your name, email address, and phone number. You will be added to a list of interested vendors to be notified when the list of available vending locations is available.

2024 Seasonal Concessions Application are not currently being accepted.

Review the FAQ below for information about operating a seasonal concession business in a City of Seattle Park. 

Commercial Use Permits-Fitness/Education/Recreation 

Are you a business offering classes/instruction/recreational service in City of Seattle parks? You need an Commercial Use Permit. Please visit this page for details.

All commercial activity in parks requires a permit or contract. Failure to obtain a permit from Seattle Parks and Recreation may result in a citation or fines.  

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