Vegetation Management Plans

Vegetation Management Plans (VMPs) are written to guide the development and stewardship of parks. Each VMP is designed to bring together the diverse interests in a park, referencing overarching policy and planning documents while also capturing current vegetation conditions and public use. Taking stock of the whole picture of a park offers an important opportunity to set collective goals and prioritize actions. VMPs are intended to inform and direct the work of the SPR staff, partner organizations, and volunteers that support park management.  

Both the VMP process and product are valuable, but Seattle Parks and Recreation has limited resources to support this detailed level of planning. For parks where VMPs are not available, we look to other planning efforts to inform management decisions. In the case of natural areas, the Green Seattle Partnership Strategic Plan is an overarching document that guides restoration efforts for Seattle Parks and Recreation. The Green Seattle Partnership work includes ongoing ecological assessment efforts, like the annual inventory of restoration sites and monitoring of permanent natural area plots. This vegetation data informs annual and long-term natural area planning efforts led by Seattle Parks and Recreation's Natural Resources Unit. 

Vegetation Management Plans
Patti Bakker, Interim Manager Natural Resource Unit 
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Vegetation Management Plans

Park Name VMP Link
Camp Long Link
Cheasty Greenspace Link
Colman Park Link
Discovery Park Link
Duwamish Greenbelts Link
Fauntleroy Park Link
Golden Gardens Link
Hitt's Hill Link
Lake Washington Boulevard Link
Lakeridge Park (Deadhorse Canyon) Link
Lincoln Park Link
Orchard Street Ravine Link
Seward Park Link
Warren G. Magnuson Link

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