Lake Washington Boulevard Renovations

Updated: February 7, 2024

Early 2024

In alignment with the project’s goal to improve access to park amenities, we will be constructing a new paved connection for people crossing Lake Washington Boulevard at S Ferdinand Street. Work is anticipated to take place this spring 2024: 

  • The existing crossing will be made more accessible with ADA compliant curb ramps.  
  • A concrete walkway will connect to the Lake Washington Blvd pathway.
  • A marked crosswalk will be added to the north crossing of the intersection later this year. 

Please stay tuned for community engagement opportunities for the next phases of improvements. We will be reaching back out this spring with design concepts for the project’s traffic calming and safety enhancement components of the project. We anticipate having preliminary design concepts ready to share with the public to receive feedback on later this winter 2024.  

Currently, the project is in the Design Development phase. During this phase, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Seattle Department of Transportation are collaborating on synthesizing community feedback and utilizing recently collected traffic data to create design concepts for improvements that will enhance safety, calm traffic, and improve access on Lake Washington Boulevard from Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park.  

Visit the Engagement Hub for the Lake Washington Boulevard Renovations project.

In partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation and the community, Seattle Parks and Recreation is leading and managing the implementation of improvements to Lake Washington Boulevard to help promote pedestrian and bicycle use and increase safety for everyone who visits and travels along Lake Washington Boulevard. 

Informed by the Short-Term Recommendations in the Lake Washington Boulevard Visioning Process and Recommendations Report created by the Lake Washington Blvd Task Force, the Lake Washington Boulevard Renovations Project aims to improve sidewalks and pedestrian paths to be ADA-compliant and increase safety by adding stop signs, speed humps, raised crosswalks, and other traffic calming infrastructure. In this project phase, Seattle Parks and Recreation will not be installing a dedicated bike lane.

To learn more, visit the Seattle Department of Transportation's Lake Washington Boulevard project webpage.  

It is important for us to meet the community where they are. If you host, coordinate, or attend a standing community organization or neighborhood association meeting, let us know and we can come to you. The project team would be more than happy to attend and present at a community/neighborhood organization-hosted event to talk about the Lake Washington Blvd Renovations project and gather feedback.

Please send an email to to invite the project team to your community-hosted meeting. 


Lake Washington Boulevard


$404,000 is allocated to this project for planning, design and construction.


Preliminary Community Outreach: Summer 2023 
Design Development: Fall 2023 – Winter 2024 
Design Review & Engagement: Spring 2024 - Summer 2024 
Construction: Phased approach Spring 2024 – Summer 2025 (pending crew availability)  

Community Participation

We've completed many engagement events over the course of the summer! Thank you to everyone who spoke with our project team and shared their input. Please visit the Engagement Hub for Lake Washington Boulevard to access the upcoming engagement opportunities this Fall/Winter. 

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