Seward Park Electrical System Replacement

Updated: July 12, 2022

Summer 2022

Seattle Parks and Recreation's construction work to restore primary power is complete, see previous updates for more details. The Fiber Program is finalizing work in the park but will not impact park visitors.

We will be closing out this project and the fiber work by early fall 2022.

Summer 2021

Seattle Parks and Recreation's scope of work, the installation of underground raceways (and associated restoration) for pulling primary power for the construction activity in the upper loop roadway and associated parking lots is complete. The upper roadway is open for use, and events are being permitted and run on the upper loop. Seattle Parks and Recreation has minimal punch list items for the general contractor that impact the upper loop. The primary power has not been restored to the upper section of the park. 

Seattle City Light still has to mobilize, pull new primary power cable from the front end of the park up to the upper loop and back to the crew quarters and the hatchery. Seattle City Light has indicated this project is scheduled to start the week of July 12 to restore our power to the upper loop. Completion of work and full power are expected to be restored by the end of August.

Spring 2021

The Primary Electrical Replacement for Seward park is nearly complete. The completion of this contract with KC Equipment will restore primary power into Seward Park. We expect to issue a substantial completion notice shortly. The contractor is completing their work on site and the public will have the park back to normal by mid-June. The last section of paving will wrap up the first week of June and our contractors will be doing site cleanup and demobilizing from the active work zone the second week of June.

These improvements, by Seattle Parks & Recreation in conjunction with Seattle City Light, will allow for reopening of restrooms throughout the park, improved electrical service for events at Seward Park Amphitheater, and restore reliability of the wastewater conveyance system - helping to prevent overflows into Lake Washington.

The contractor will return to Seward Park, in fall 2021, to install conduit for fiber optic service at the front of the park. We expect this work will last a little over a month. The website will be updated when we have a finalized schedule. 

Fall 2020

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) awarded the construction contract to perform an emergency replacement of the main electrical service at Seward Park to KC Equipment, LLC. KC Equipment has begun construction and work closes multiple areas throughout the park Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Construction is anticipated to take 8 to 10 months to complete, weather dependent. 

The work began at the southeast parking lot near the play area. Construction will progress in phases from the entry loop near the play area and Audubon building, moving along the roadway into the park. Signs indicate the area closed and pedestrian detours are posted. SPR and KC Equipment rely on the patience and cooperation of all park users as construction work progresses through Seward Park. We ask park users to follow construction notifications and be prepared for detours around work areas.


Seward Park, 5900 Lake Washington Blvd. S, Seattle, WA 98118


The Major Maintenance Fund provides $2,239,000 in funding for this project.


Planning & Design: Spring 2018 - Winter 2019/20
Bidding: Summer 2020
Construction: August 2020 - Late September 2021*
additional work to install communications infrastructure will begin in Fall 2021

Project Description

Replace the failing direct burial primary electrical service with a new service installed as an underground raceway system. The new "raceway" system has underground pipes ("conduit") connecting to a series of concrete boxes ("vaults"). This "raceway" system allows access for repairs and meets the current code requirements for Seattle City Light.

The failing powerline runs underground around the outside walking path from south to north. The original intent of the project was to follow the same path for this replacement project, however, during the design phase sections of rock were discovered that would make the new raceway install much more complex. Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle City Light checked numerous locations within the park to reroute the electrical system and based on that work revised the design to route the new power system up the main road. This has allowed us to avoid many impacts to the natural areas and will enable future access to service and maintain the system.

During construction the contractor will need to close off sections of Seward Park roadway. Seattle Parks and Recreation and the contractor hired for the project will work to minimize impacts to park users and the community.

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