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Hidden in South Seattle, Kubota Garden is a stunning 20 acre landscape that blends Japanese garden concepts with native Northwest plants. The city acquired the property, which is an historic landmark, in 1987 from the estate of master landscaper Fujitaro Kubota. Kubota was a horticultural pioneer when he began merging Japanese design techniques with North American materials in his display garden in 1927. The Gardens are a spectacular setting of hills and valleys, interlaced with streams, waterfalls, ponds, bridges, and rock out-croppings with a rich array of plant material. Learn more at www.kubotagarden.org.

In 2019 Seattle Parks and Recreation constructed a new wall around the park perimeter. It is the same height and has the same beautiful roof and stucco finish as the wall of the entry gate which was built over the previous 15 years, primarily by volunteers. The additional wall helps secure and protect this Kubota Garden while enhancing the experience of the more than 65,000 people who visit this urban sanctuary each year.

Current Projects

Visit Kubota Garden Improvements for upcoming projects realized through the Kubota Garden Master Plan Update.

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You can schedule an outdoor ceremony in almost any of our 400 parks, but this particular location is especially well suited for outdoor ceremonies. Please visit our outdoor ceremonies reservations site for more information.

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