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Mineral Springs Park, along the southern edge of Northgate Way between N 105th and N 107th, occupies land formerly occupied by homes and small farms. Many of the remaining landscaping features suggest the park's history, such as stone walls, steps, small ponds, and exotic plants. The park includes many spectacular trees, including redwood, aspen, and dogwood. There is a birch grove and a wildflower meadow. Recent landscaping improvements emphasize low-maintenance and native plans. A new "spring" was created to honor the neighborhood's history of springs. Mineral Springs Park is home to one of Seattle's two disc golf courses. (The other is at Lakewood Park, SW 108th St. & 10th Ave. SW, in the King County Parks and Recreation system.)

As a complement to that active game area and to the landscape, there is also an "art walk." Stacy Levy's "Cloud Stones," created especially for this park, is a series of meditative stone sculptures intended to reflect the movement of clouds overhead. An information kiosk provides more details on the artwork as well as a map of the park.

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