Day Camp Permits

Discount-eligible if held during school breaks at reservable picnic sites

Day Camps are defined as supervised and registerable recreational activities open to the public and scheduled during school breaks (based on the Seattle Public School district calendar).

Camps must be held weekdays (M-F) at reservable picnic sites. The camps are then eligible for a 50% fee reduction from the normal picnic site pricing.  

To host a camp-like activity in a non-picnic parks or during non-school breaks, please visit the Park Use Permit page. There are no discounts for these, but they can be operated in most of our 480+ parks.  

If your camp-like activity runs for 10 hours or less a week AND runs for at least 4 weeks AND has 35 people or fewer per day, it may qualify for a Commercial Use Permit instead. Please visit the Commercial Use Permit page. 

Two ways to apply to host a Day Camp:   

1. Complete this instant online application to host a Day Camp 

or -

2. Day Camp Brochure & Application (This can be filled out, scanned and emailed to us. Or, print and mail it, but allow more time to process.)

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