Athletic Field Drop-In Program

What is the Athletic Field Drop-In Program?

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is offering a pilot program that provides community members (households or groups of 5 and under) with the opportunity to drop-in for free at designated athletic fields to play unscheduled games with their friends and family.

Normally, field use requires a paid reservation, but SPR has dedicated a number of athletic fields for open community drop-in.


For this pilot to be successful, it is important that organized user groups understand that the allocated dates at these fields are for drop-in use only. If organized teams violate this rule by coordinating use during the drop-in times, SPR will issue a verbal and/or written warning. Repeated violations may result in the organization being placed last in line for priority use on fields.

  • No Games Or Scrimmages
  • No Organized Team Sports
  • Fields Must Be Shared, No Exclusive Use During Drop-in Time
  • Report Violators: (206) 684-4077

Please email

Summer 2024 Schedule

North/Central fields: Bobby Morris, Lower Woodland, Miller, Montlake, Washintgton Park
South fields: Genesee, Georgetown, Brighton
West field: Walt Hundley

Monday  6/10 - 8/5

  • Washington Park, 3:30-5pm (7/15 & 7/22 - 4pm-5pm)

  • Brighton, 4-6pm (no 6/10)

  • Genesee Upper, 3-5pm (no 6/24)

  • Miller, 3-5pm (7/8 2:30pm-4:30pm; no 7/22)

  • Walt Hundley Soccer Field, 3-5pm

Tuesday  6/11-8/6

  • Walt Hundley Soccer Field, 3-5pm

  • Genesee Upper, 1-3pm (no 6/25)

  • Miller, 3-5pm (no 7/23)

  • Bobby Morris, 5-7pm

Wednesday    6/12-8/7

  • Brighton, 4-6pm (no 6/12)

  • Genesee Upper, 3-5pm (6/19 3pm-4:30pm; no 6/26)

  • Miller, 3-5pm (no 7/24)

  • Bobby Morris, 4:30-6:30pm

  • Walt Hundley Soccer Field, 3-5pm

Thursday   6/13-8-8

  • Genesee Upper, 3-5pm (no 6/26; 7/18 3pm-4:30pm)

  • Bobby Morris, 5-7pm

  • Miller, 3-5pm (no 7/25)

Friday 6/14-8/9

  • Washington Park, 9-11pm (no 6/21)

  • Genesee Upper, 3-5pm (no 7/12)

  • Georgetown, 2-4pm

Saturday    6/15-8/10

  • Montlake, 1-3pm

  • Lower Woodland #2, 7:30-9:30pm

  • Georgetown, 6-8pm

Sunday     6/16-8/11

  • Bobby Morris, 10am-12pm

  • Brighton, 12-2pm

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