Seattle Planning Commission Recommendations: Comprehensive Plan Major Update

Planning Commission's Comment Letter on the Draft One Seattle Plan

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What is the Seattle Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle's future. Our plan guides City decisions on where to build new jobs and houses, how to improve our transportation system, and where to make capital investments such as utilities, sidewalks, and libraries. Our Comprehensive Plan is the framework for most of Seattle's big-picture decisions on how to grow while preserving and improving our neighborhoods. To view our current Comprehensive Plan, and learn more about the Plan, visit the Office of Planning and Community Development's site

As a volunteer advisory body sharing expertise on planning and development issues, the Planning Commission stewards the development of Comprehensive Plan updates. This page is a central location for the Commission's ongoing support for the Comprehensive Plan Update. You'll find recommendations, and related context documents here. 

Click here for the Planning Commission's comment letter on the One Seattle Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement from April 2024.

Click here for the Planning Commission's comment letter on the EIS scoping alternatives for the Comprehensive Plan Major Update from August 2022.

Click here for a letter on recommended overarching themes for the Comprehensive Plan Major Update from the Planning Commission from August 2021.

Planning Commission Issue Briefs Related to the Comprehensive Plan Major Update

Growth Strategy Issue Brief - February 2022

Anti-Displacement Issue Brief - March 2022

Repurposing the Right-of-Way Issue Brief - November 2022

Affordable Housing Issue Brief - November 2022


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The Seattle Planning Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and City departments on broad planning goals, policies and plans for the physical development of the City.