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PSCSC to expedite police exams, with support from City Council

Seattle City Council on May 21, 2024 voted unanimously on the passage of Council Bill 120766. The bill’s passage will enable the PSCSC to provide more robust support to applicants and more efficiently deliver registers of eligible (passing) candidates to the Seattle Police Department (SPD).

Additional information about PSCSC's contributions to police hiring can be found in this press release.

Request for Reinstatement to the Eligible Register

Requestors should utilize this form to submit a request to be added to the reinstatement register, under Rule 10.03. Executive Director Andrea Scheele, by way of memo, has extended the timeframe for submitting a reinstatement request through June 30, 2024, .

PSCSC Rule of Practice and Procedure 10.03 amended (12-14-2023)

On December 14, 2023, Seattle Public Safety Civil Service Commission (“PSCSC” or “Commission”) voted unanimously to amend the PSCSC Rules of Practice and Procedure under the authority of Seattle Municipal Code Section 3.02. 

The proposed amendments modify criteria for former employees of the public safety civil service system to submit a request to be considered for reinstatement to the eligible register after separation, and other related changes.

The full text of the amended rule can be found at: PSCSC Rule 10.03, as amended 12-14-2023

Public Safety Civil Service Commission

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Seattleā€™s Public Safety Civil Service Commission (PSCSC) is a three member, impartial, quasi-judicial body.