Marketing Your Unit (Fair Housing Regulations)

Fair housing laws cover the advertising of rental properties and properties for sale including single-family dwellings and owner-occupied housing.

One way to convey your intent to promote fair housing is to use the Equal Housing Opportunity logo or a slogan that tells people it's an important value to you as a landlord.

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Focus on advertising the qualities of your property and avoid using words or phrases that seem to show a preference or limitation for protected classes. It's okay to advertise the following: 

  • Family friendly
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Section 8 welcome
  • Veterans welcome

Examples of advertising that would be in violation would be:

  • No Immigrants
  • Suits a single professional
  • Does not accept housing vouchers
  • No Section Eight

Consider using diverse images of people in your photos if you advertise. If you only advertise your property in one place, you could be potentially missing people. Consider using multiple ways of advertising your unit such as online, in hard copy, with a sign in the yard, on the bulletin board at the laundromat, etc.

If you have staff that work with you in renting property, it’s important that you share your advertising policy with them.

If you have questions about how to comply with discrimination laws, contact the Seattle Office for Civil Rights for technical assistance.

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