Housing Cost Increases

Housing costs include rent, parking, storage, and other periodic fees associated with the rental unit and paid to the landlord.

  • You cannot increase housing costs during a lease, only when the rental agreement is month-to-month or up for renewal.
  • As of November 9, 2021, all housing cost increase notices must provide a minimum of 180 days' advance written notice.
  • Housing cost increase notices issued on or after July 1, 2022, may trigger EDRA (Economic Displacement Relocation Assistance) if the increase equals or exceeds 10% within the same 12 month period.  When an increase reaches 10% or more you must attach an EDRA notice to the notice of increase for your tenants.
  • Qualified tenants who move out after receiving a 10% increase can apply for EDRA and you may have to pay up to 3 months of housing costs for relocation assistance. 
  • Notices must coincide with the beginning of a rental period (in other words, an increase cannot be imposed in the middle of the month).
  • Service of housing cost increase notices must occur outside the minimum advance notice period. For example, to impose an increase on June 1, your tenant must have received the notice no later than December 2, which allows for a full 180 days not including the day of service.
  • The notice must include language about how to contact Renting in Seattle for more information about tenant rights. Notices that do not include this information are unenforceable and you may have to reissue a proper notice and start over.
  • If standards in your rental unit do not meet the minimum requirements of the Rental Regulation Inspection Ordinance checklist your tenant can notify you in writing after receiving notice of a housing cost increase, and the increase cannot go into effect until the standards are corrected.

Required Notice Language

For a housing cost increase, request for access, change to rental terms etc. the right to legal counsel language is not required.

If you need help understanding this notice or information about your renter rights, call the Renting in Seattle Helpline at (206) 684-5700 or visit the web site at www.seattle.gov/rentinginseattle.

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