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SDCI Proposed Code Changes

The effective date for the 2021 Seattle codes is no sooner than September 30, 2024. Until then, applicants may use either the 2018 or draft 2021 Seattle codes. The Mayor’s office is evaluating further code amendments at this time. Once the Construction Codes Advisory Board approves the full suite of 2021 codes, the ordinance will still need to go through the standard ordinance review and approval process for adoption. We do not have a timeline yet for final CCAB approval. Please visit the 2021 Seattle Code Adoption webpage for updates.

Public Meeting and Comment Opportunity

The Mayor’s Office is evaluating eliminating recently proposed 2021 Seattle Energy Code changes for new construction that are more stringent than those found in the 2021 WA State Energy Code. A meeting to discuss the proposed changes and take public comment is scheduled for May 16, from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. Marco Lowe, Chief Operations Officer with the Mayor’s Office, will be discussing the economic drivers for the proposed changes and how the policy change relates to other initiatives such as the Building Emissions Performance Standard (BEPS) and the climate action plan. 

Public Comment

We welcome comments on the draft 2021 Seattle Construction Code changes posted on the Project Documents page. We post changes regularly, so check back if you don’t see the code that you need. We are no longer accepting code change proposals, but if you have any comments or see errors, please send them to:

Jenifer Gilliland, Senior Technical Code Development Analyst
(206) 233-2766

Micah Chappell, Technical Codes Development Manager
(206) 256-5157

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