Levy Achievements 2016 - end of 2023

Thank you, people of Seattle!

In November 2015, Seattle voters approved the 9-year, $930 million Levy to Move Seattle. Seattle residents contribute to this funding source through a percentage of their property tax. We use the funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain streets and bridges, and support reliable, affordable travel options in a growing city.

Have you seen some of these projects in your neighborhood?

 Safe Routes

Provide safe and accessible routes connecting schools, transit hubs, and other destinations

 25 major streets improved with new painted crosswalks, signals, curb ramps, sidewalks, and more

 197 projects to make it easier to walk, bike, and roll to school, like bike routes, crosswalks, and sidewalks

 26+ new traffic signals

 222 blocks of sidewalks repaired

 1,600+ new curb ramps

 68 miles added to Seattle’s bike network

 Maintenance and Repair

Reduce maintenance backlog and repair work along arterials and the busiest Seattle streets 

 44 stairways repaired or replaced​​

 3,100+ repairs to our bridges

 216 lane miles of repaved roads

 2,900+ new trees planted

 4 bridge seismic improvements completed, with 12 more planned

 Congestion Relief

Enhance transportation choices throughout the network

 293 spot improvements for transit riders

 7 completed or planned major transit route improvements

 3 new bridges

 225 blocks of new sidewalks

 46 projects to improve freight movement

And More: 

This page highlights some of the many projects that your Levy dollars have made possible. You can find more information about projects funded by the Levy to Move Seattle and see more photos on our materials page, on the SDOT Blog, and on our Levy Performance Dashboard


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