2nd Ave S Extension and S Jackson St Bridge Planning Study

February 27, 2024

What's Happening Now?

We are starting this project now and would greatly appreciate your feedback over the next year on whether to repair or replace these bridges.

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Project Overview

The 2nd Ave S Extension and S Jackson St Bridge Planning Study will evaluate different rehabilitation and replacement alternatives for two structures in the Jackson Hub area: Bridge 33W (S Jackson St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave) and Bridge 7 (2nd Ave S Ext between S Jackson St and 4th Ave). The planning study will explore feasible options for the long-term future of these two bridge structures and identify the associated costs, risks, benefits, and trade-offs of each alternative.

Although there is no current funding or schedule for a capital project, the findings of this study will help SDOT plan for future design and construction.

project map showing the two bridges that will be studied

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2023 - Project Kickoff
  • Winter 2024 - Data collection, initial analyses, and definition of evaluation criteria
  • Spring 2023 - Ongoing analyses and concept development
  • Fall 2024 - Project completion 


The Jackson Hub area is one of Seattle’s major multimodal transportation hubs, bringing together buses from King County Metro and private operators, light rail and passenger service from Sound Transit and Amtrak, the First Hill Streetcar, and BNSF freight trains.

This is a critical connection point between two of the City’s historic neighborhoods, Pioneer Square and Chinatown/International District. The area is also home to a complex and interconnected—though not always obvious—network of nine bridges.

As part of the Levy to Move Seattle, funds have been allocated to study the future of two bridges in this area: Bridge 33 W (South Jackson St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave) and Bridge 7 (2nd Ave S Ext between S Jackson St and 4th Ave).

This effort is part of SDOT’s Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Program to better understand the size of Seattle's maintenance backlog and better prepare us for future investments. As the City shapes its future for the Jackson Hub area, this project will consider replacement and/or rehabilitation options for the study structures that support that future vision.

We will consider the various modes of travelling through the area, future environmental and transit goals, agency requirements, neighborhood impacts, and community feedback throughout the study process.



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