Viewlands Elementary School Neighborhood Greenway Connection

Updated November 13, 2019

Project Overview

The Viewlands Elementary School Neighborhood Greenway Connection will make it easier for people to walk and bike between Viewlands Elementary School and the Interurban North Trail. The new neighborhood greenway will bring affordable, active transportation options for people of all ages and abilities.

A kid riding their skateboard over a speed hump

The Viewlands Elementary School neighborhood greenway will include:

  • Greenwood Ave N Crossing Improvement
    • signal detection for people biking
  • 3rd Ave NW Crossing Improvement
    • NW 107th St - additional crossing beacon on north side of intersection
    • NW 107th St - addition crossing beacon push buttons for people biking
    • NW 107th St & NW 110th St - upgrade crosswalk signs to school signs
  • Traffic calming
  • Wayfinding signs and sharrows

A map of the proposed route that starts at Viewlands Elementary, runs on NW 107th St, turns onto 1st Ave NW, then follows N 110th St to the Interurban Trail

What's a Neighborhood Greenway?

Image of a child riding a bike

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer neighborhood streets for you, your family, and neighbors. We make people walking and biking the priority. Neighborhood greenways provide connections for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike between their homes, jobs, and community destinations.

Neighborhood greenways can include:

  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • Speed humps to calm traffic
  • Stop signs for side streets crossing the neighborhood greenway
  • Signs and pavement markings to help people find their way
  • Easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks, flashing beacons, or traffic signals

Bicycle detection sign at a neighborhood greenway arterial crossing. A light turns on to let cyclists know that the signal has detected them and will soon give them priority to cross.



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