North Seattle Sidewalks

Jule 13, 2020

What's happening now?

Now that we have completed building new sidewalk along the east side of 12th Ave NE, all 8 sidewalk locations are ready for use

12th Ave NE, between NE 117th St and Pinehurst Playground (East side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use. The completion of Seattle Public Utilities' Natural Drainage Systems and planting will be resumed as soon as fall 2020.  
  • Parking on the east side has been changed to parallel, no changes have been made to parking on the west side.
  • Parking will continue to be allowed on both sides of the street with restrictions for driveway clearance and at the ends of the block near stop signs.
  • 12th Ave NE now functions as a Neighborhood Yield Street. This allows for two-way traffic, with the exception of single-direction vehicle movement at a time due to the presence of onstreet parking
  • Neighborhood Yield Streets are designed as low speed and low volume streets that provide access to residences and community amenities such as parks, schools, and gathering spaces. For more information on Neighborhood Yield Streets please visit our Neighhood Yield webpage. 

New sidewalk along 12th Ave NE

NE 95th St, between 1st Ave NE and 5th Ave NE (South side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use.  

NE 98th St, between 5th Ave NE and 8th Ave NE (South side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use. 

Greenwood Ave N, between N 97th St and N 104th St (West side)
Sidewalks complete and ready for use. 

Meridian Ave N, between NE 115th St and NE 117th St (East side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use. Street trees may be planted later in the season.

NE 115th St, between Roosevelt Way NE and 12th Ave NE (North side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use.

NE 110th St, between 34th Ave NE and 35th Ave NE (North side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use.

NE 110th St, between NE 40th St and Sand Point Way (South side)
Sidewalk complete and ready for use.

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Project overview

This sidewalk project includes a series of 8 new sidewalks that have been installed in north Seattle and were completed in summer 2020. These segments have been identified as priorities for pedestrian improvements within the Safe Routes to School and Sidewalk Development Programs.

Map showing all 8 project sites throughout north Seattle.

The completed work will include:

  • New sidewalks
  • ADA-compliant curb ramps for better accessibility
  • New driveway aprons
  • New parking configurations

Recent Project Updates

December 9, 2019

November 7, 2019

October 21, 2019

October 1, 2019

September 13, 2019

September 3, 2019

August 26, 2019

Natural Drainage Systems

Natural drainage systems (NDS) are a type of green stormwater infrastructure system (GSI) built to capture runoff and filter pollutants. An NDS uses specialized plan species and soils to filter stormwater runoff and pollutants. Plants are selected to help the NDS do its job: clean stormwater and allow it to slowly seep into the ground. 

The images below show an example cross section of the new sidewalk and natural drainage system. The project design may include elements shown in the cross section and varies by location.

What are the benefits of natural drainage systems?

  • To help manage stormwater flows in your neighborhood.
  • To provide street trees, plants, calming traffic, and reduction of flooding in your neighborhood.

What can I expect after construction?

Because natural drainage is built with growing plants, the way they look will change over time, and take up to two years to fully develop. The grasses, shrubs, and trees installed during construction will grow and change as the garden matures.

When natural drainage systems are installed in the City right-of-way, this may result in some loss of on-street parking, change sightlines, or require mailboxes and other elements within the public right-of-way to be moved.

Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the natural drainage system?

Seattle Public Utilities is responsible for the watering, weeding and general upkeep of the natural drainage systems to ensure proper function. Residents are not required to pay for or perform any maintenance. In fact, it is important for residents to stay out of the NDS areas, so they maintain their function.

Example of what a Natural Drainage System with plants would look like.

Graphic showing how Natural Drainage System works.


Fall 2020

SPU to finish NDS planting

Summer 2020

Construction on all sidewalks complete

Summer 2019

Construction begins

Spring 2019

Pre-construction mailer

Winter 2018

Outreach to schools

Continued work with residents about property impact

Design complete

Fall 2018

Continued work with residents about property impacts

Summer 2018

Mailer to project area

Begin working with residents about property impacts


This project is funded by SPU's NDS Partnering program and the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.

Levy to Move Seattle logo

Project Library

Fact Sheet - Summer 2018

Postcard Mailer - Spring 2019

Construction Notice - Summer 2019

Contact information

We're committed to keeping you informed throughout construction. Feel free to contact us and be on the lookout for more information.

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