Judkins Park Station Access Study

This project has concluded.

Why Judkins Park?

With the Sound Transit Judkins Park light rail station set to open in 2023, a great transportation asset is coming to the neighborhood! Low-rise residential buildings are popping up, potential zoning updates through the Housing, Affordability, and Livability Agenda (HALA) are being discussed, and capital projects are being planned and constructed in the area.

Existing mobility challenges include:

  • Limited number of crosswalks on Rainier Ave
  • Lack of adequate facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Narrow sidewalks adjacent to high-speed traffic that makes it especially difficult for those who are not fully mobile
  • Uncomfortable pedestrian crossings of I-90 on and off ramps on Rainier Ave
  • Unlit paths through adjacent park space

With all the change taking place in this area, this study, with the collaboration of the community, will identify the infrastructure needed to support active modes of transportation and the needs of the community in general.

Project Overview

The neighborhoods around the future Judkins Park light rail station, set to open in 2023, are already changing. To ensure the changes work in concert with community interests and future light rail, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and the Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) partnered to ask community members how they want the area to look, feel, and function over time. Outreach targeted residents, visitors, businesses and their customers, and key institutions in the area such as the Lighthouse for the Blind and the Northwest African American Museum.

The completed Judkins Park Station Access Study proposes ways to improve access to the light rail station, mobility within the Judkins Park area, and access for people moving through the neighborhood (e.g., transferring from one mode to another). Staff worked with community members to identify transportation needs and prioritize projects. The Study highlights 18 project concepts to ensure better access to the future station while addressing near-term improvement needs. Implementation will depend on available funding, leveraging opportunities, and community advocacy efforts.

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