Green Lake Tree Walk

Green Lake Tree Walk

The Green Lake Tree Walk was created by Tree Ambassadors to showcase some of the outstanding trees along the walking path. Map highlights include the giant sequoias in the northeast corner, the bald cypress along the north edge of the lake, and Elm and Oak Hills.

What will I learn? You'll learn about each species, including their names and interesting facts about their habits and history.

How long is the walk? The Green Lake Tree Walk begins at the Community Center and continues counter clockwise on the 2.8 mile paved path around the lake. Most of the trees can be viewed from the path.

How can I use it? Click on the map below to view the map through Google Maps. You can also follow the map on your mobile device at When you select one of the trees, a new window will open with information about common and scientific names, location, tree size and characteristics, and photos.

You can also choose to print out a copy of the map and take it with you.

Have questions? Contact us at or call (206) 615-1668.


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