Shore Pine

Pinus contorta var. contorta


A uniquely shaped native conifer that makes an excellent yard tree.  A highly adaptable tree that thrives in poor soils, rocky sites, and even in boggy conditions. It's twisting, "contorted", trunk, branches and needles provide year-round interest.

Power Line Approved: No

Min. street tree planting strip width: 12 feet

Mature Height: 40-50 feet

Mature Spread: 30 feet

Tree Shape: Irregular broad rounded canopy

Where to Plant: In your yard. Plant a grouping for screening.

Dark green, flat needles in bundles of two appear twisted.

Male flowers are yellow cylinders clustered near branch tips. Female flower a fleshy reddish-purple cone at branch tip. 

Small, egg-shaped prickly cone. The seeds inside are a favorite of small mammals and song birds.

Preferred Site Conditions:
Full sun. Adaptable to many soil conditions.

Potential Problems:
Mostly problem free, but can be susceptible to European pine shoot moth.

Minimum Planting Distances:

  • 3 ½ feet back from the face of the curb
  • 5 feet from underground utility lines
  • 10 feet from power poles
  • 7 ½ feet from driveways (10 feet recommended)
  • 20 feet from street lights and other existing trees
  • 30 feet from street intersections

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