Pearl Street Drainage Improvement Project

View of Pearl Street facility building.
View of facility building and fence

Project description

Reducing stormwater flooding and backups in your neighborhood
The goal of the Pearl Street Drainage Improvement Project is to reduce storm-related sewer backups and flooding in the area, which will help protect public health and the environment as well as improve service reliability.

Seattle Public Utilities has completed this capital improvement project by upgrading the combined sewer infrastructure in Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Photo of construction in progress of the wastewater storage tank.
Construction of storage tank

Photo of the facility building.
View of facility building

Photo looking down  into the wastewater storage tank under construction.
Construction of storage tank

Photo of the control panel display that controls the wastewater levels.
Control panel display showing storage tank levels

This project involved:

  • Installing a new sewer pipe along Corson Ave S from S Ferdinand to S Dawson streets
  • Building a large underground storage tank to capture sewage and stormwater during large storm events and then slowly release it into the pipes that run under S Dawson St (view underground storage tank)
  • Constructing a small facility building on the south side of the intersection of Corson Ave S and S Dawson St (view facility building design)
  • Expanding existing pipe between S Dawson and S Bennett streets using trenchless technology (namely, no excavation for pipe installation) and installing a maintenance hole at the S Bennett street end
  • Installing three aboveground electrical cabinets on the north side of S Dawson St


This project is located in west Beacon Hill near Maple Elementary School on Corson Ave S between S Ferdinand St to S Bennett St.

Image map of southeast Seattle between Lake Washington and the Duwamish river, with the Pearl Street project location.

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