Free Toilets for Low-Income Homeowners

Free water-saving toilets if you qualify
Time to apply
30-40 mins
Processing time
2-3 weeks
Age range
18 and up
Call or email to apply


Seattle Public Utilities offers free water-saving toilets for income-qualified homeowners. Installation of one new toilet and recycling of your old toilet is provided free of charge. Replacing an older toilet with a new, water-efficient toilet will help keep your water and sewer bill as low as possible and can save you up to $300 per year on utility bills.

What's included?

  • One free toilet per household
  • Free toilet installation
  • Free removal and recycling of your old toilet


If you are enrolled in the Utility Discount Program, you do not need an application form or proof of income for this program. Your income already qualifies.

  • Your home or condominium building must receive a water bill from Seattle Public Utilities.
  • You must live in the home you own.
  • Your existing toilet must have been manufactured before 2004. View this document to determine when your toilet was manufactured (pdf).
  • You must be currently enrolled in the Utility Discount Program or meet the following income guidelines outlined above for the program.

Note: Gross household income is the combined income of all the people residing in the household who are 18 years or older, before taxes are taken out. Gross income is based on 80% of the state's median income.

If you do not qualify for this program, $100 rebates may be available through the Saving Water Partnership.

Note: Staff will not ask information about immigration status

How to Apply

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Call or email our partner, Sound Generations Minor Home Repair, at (206) 448-5751 or (email preferred). If you qualify, Sound Generations Minor Home Repair will schedule an appointment to check your toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators and install water-saving replacements as needed.

Printable application

Stuff you'll need to apply

Income documentation for everyone 18 years and older living in your household.


Phone:(206) 448-5751 (staff can use the Language Line (Interpretation service) to talk with you in a language other than English, free of charge) (M-Th 8-4 PM)

Email (Preferred):

Mail: Sound Generations Water Conservation Program 620 S Spokane St, Seattle, WA 98134

Fax: (206) 652-0433

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