Common Food Waste Questions

Your business can sign up to recycle food waste. The following are common questions about the recycling of commercial food waste.

Q: Is the food recycling program only for vegetable and fruit trimmings?
A: In addition to vegetable and fruit trimmings, breads, fish and seafood wastes, meat, dairy and food-soiled paper such as waxed cardboard are now included in this program. Grease, liquids, and regular garbage such as food prep gloves and plastic disposable dishware are not acceptable in this program. For more details, visit the Food and Yard or Compost it Right webpages.

Q: What type and size of container does my business have to use for this program?
A: Businesses can choose their size of container by consulting with a certified food collection company (see list below). Most companies offer cart and dumpster service and some offer bagged collection of food waste.

Q: How often does the food waste get collected?
A: This program gives you the choice of how often your food waste is collected as long as it is picked up at least once per week.

Q: Will my food waste container smell and attract insects and other pests?
A: Food waste is already being placed in your business' garbage container so you can expect similar odor and pest problems your business experiences with its garbage dumpster. However, the program requires that businesses keep their containers as clean as possible, with food collection companies providing dumpster cleaning services for a fee.

Q: What should my business do with leftover food that is still edible?
A: We recommend that businesses donate edible foods to local food recovery programs.

Q: How can my business sign up?
A: For more information or to sign up, contact the Green Business Program at (206) 343-8505 or Or you can call one of the following certified food waste hauling companies.

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